Professional Pilot Program

Acadian Pilot’s Professional Pilot Program is designed to prepare individuals who want to pursue flying as a career. The program thoroughly prepares individuals for airline flying, corporate or general commercial flying. And, as always, Acadian Pilot’s team of dedicated instructors will work with you to help you attain your goal at your pace.

Professional Pilot Course includes:

  • 190 Flight Hours
  • 105 Academic Hours
  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Cross-Country Flight Training
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Certificated Flight Instructor Rating — Airplane
  • Certificated Flight Instructor Rating — Instrument Airplane
  • Ground Instruction
  • Pre-Flight Briefing
  • Post-Flight Briefing
  • Flight Instruction
  • FAA Written Exam Fee
  • FAA Flight Examiner Fee
  • FAA Checkride Aircraft Rental
  • Unlimited Personal Tutoring

Course Cost: $44,500

“They take their time to teach you. They offer integrated ground and flight training. I switched from a University program to complete my career Flight Training at Acadian pilot.”

-Adam T.

Professional Pilot Course Requirements:

18 years of Age

Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English Language

Obtain a Second Class Airman Medical Certificate