Piper Warrior


When did the Piper Warrior emerge?

For the last three decades, the training fleet has been dominated by two aircraft: the Piper Cherokee, which evolved to become the Piper Warrior, and the Cessna 150/152. Tens of thousands of pilots spent their formative flight hours in the larger four-seat Cherokee or Warrior and the diminutive two-seat Cessna.

Piper Warriors can be found at many flight schools. Warriors are also very common instrument training aircraft as well as a popular aircraft to rent. Warriors can be found at many flight schools and can be used for primary and advanced training. It’s also a popular aircraft to rent. The airplane’s single right-side door requires the left-seat student pilot to board first, followed by the instructor. Mechanical flaps and cable flight control linkages produce handling qualities that are well balanced. The Warrior family has been a big part of Acadian Pilot since its inception, and has long been considered a top training plane.