Open House

Join us for fun, flying and fanfare at the Open House

Every six weeks we hold an Open House at our flight training facility in Abbeville in order to bring together aviators in all phases of their training. This social allows pilots in training to interact with our friends who have completed their training, also with local pilots who enjoy sharing their knowledge with new pilots.

Open Houses are held on a Saturday. To help promote the joys of flying, Acadian Pilot hosts Open House events at Chris Crusta Abbeville Airport. These free events are designed to bring those with a curiosity about flying small airplanes to the airport for a fun-filled and informative afternoon. The event kicks off at 5 p.m. with free food and drink — sometimes we make a brisket or barbecue chicken and sausage, and seafood when it is in season — and continues with tours and a presentation by a certificated flight instructor.